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 Whether it's TV series, movies, documentaries, trailers, commercials, news segments, YouTube videos, or digital games, we have you covered.

Our focus lies in employing translation strategies that capture the nuances of language, including variations in registers, temporal aspects, and geographical influences, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the specific audiovisual medium at hand.




Translating subtitles presents a unique set of challenges that require a blend of linguistic skill, cultural awareness, and technical expertise. One of the primary issues is dealing with space and time constraints; subtitles must fit within a limited character count per line and sync accurately with the audio. This means translators often need to condense dialogue without losing its essence or altering the intended message. Additionally, ensuring the subtitles are free from errors, properly timed, and formatted correctly across various file formats and media players adds another layer of complexity.

Different enough to be foreign, but similar enough to be able to retain the viewers’ attention.

Subtitling is essentially the art of streamlining information by removing irrelevant details and expressing the essential content in a concise format. Achieving this condensed form, typically within two lines, requires skillful navigation to ensure minimal loss of meaning. 

Cultural nuances further complicate subtitle translation. Idiomatic expressions, slang, and humor often lose their meaning when directly translated, necessitating adaptations that capture the original intent.

Cultural references to local customs, historical events, or popular culture must also be tailored to the target audience to ensure understanding. Translators must also consider language-specific issues, such as varying sentence structures and reading speeds, which influence how text is displayed on screen. Maintaining consistency in terminology and character voice throughout a project is crucial, especially in multi-part films or series.


We excel in translating subtitles with either a single translator for focused projects or a team for higher capacity needs. Additionally, we are proficient in implementing AI-powered solutions, including post-editing, to enhance efficiency and accuracy.


Case studies

For Disney+, we translated thousands of minutes for TV serials, movies, documentaries, trailers and metadata.

Although Fox's program was big and deadlines were tight, we succeeded in meeting deadlines without delays.