Our team

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our team upholds essential norms and standards, including a win-win-win philosophy, experience, orientation, communication, performance, Kaizen, and business ethics.



Multilingual Capacity: Since 2002, we have collaborated with subtitle translators for major world languages. We can coordinate up to 30 country-specific translators residing in different parts of the world to work on a multilingual project simultaneously under our project management.

Extended Capacity for Turkish Language: We offer a robust capacity of flexible and dynamic Turkish subtitle translators capable of translating, editing, and proofreading thousands of minutes per week. Our team is composed of highly skilled freelancers who have been trained, tested, and verified through extensive team projects. We handle a wide range of projects, including closed captioning, subtitle, and dubbing translations.


Coordinated by Mr. Kerem Keskiner, our team includes master translators with decades of experience, who naturally elevate our working standards. The core of our capacity relies on dedicated middle-aged translators specializing in subtitle translations, complemented by young talents verified by our seasoned experts.