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Senior Project Manager at Alafranga Language Solutions FZ Enterprise, coordinating subtitle projects. He started his career in 1987 with dubbing translations. Showing a knack on media translations easily earned him a good reputation and provided top level opportunities to work with TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) where only top notch translators could work. Upon learning a lot from his superiors and colleagues, he witnessed and worked during the establishment of Turkey’s first private television channel for dubbing and subtitling. This lead him to create and educate teams of translators for this line of work for numerous domestic and foreign institutions over the years. Having a 35+ years of experience under his belt, he is still hungry to learn more, has an extensive archive, speaks and translates to and from Spanish as well. Still types more than 600 characters a minute.

According to Mr. Kerem Kesniner:


Subtitling and captioning began with silent movies, evolving into perforated films with open captioning.


We’ve witnessed a monumental digital revolution within a single lifetime. As we moved into the computer age, everything became practical at an unprecedented pace. We transitioned from hard disks to external hard disks, and now to cloud storage, enabling seamless online work. We've experienced it all.


And dubbing? It started with perforated film rolls featuring a sound channel, progressing to U-matic. The development continued rapidly with Betacams offering 2 sound channels, expanding to 16 and 32 channels, and surround sound. Today, broadband connections deliver extraordinary speeds, replacing the need to send tapes via transport companies. Now, we receive everything we need in minutes, if not seconds. Our studios boast the latest technologies and skilled, experienced operators.


Today, we are well-versed in all industry standards of the past and present and are prepared for future advancements. SRT, DFXP, and other formats, along with their conversions and online platforms, are all well within our expertise.