Fox Network subtitle translations

Indirect client: Fox Networks

Fox is one of the leading free to air TV networks broadcasting in Turkey. Since July 2012, Fox TV broadcasts in 16:9.

Fox Networks requirements

Including TV serials, movies and documentaries, we have received a 20K minutes program to deliver within 8 weeks. 

Our solution

After an extensive Disney+ project, our Turkish subtitle team was fully ready to undertake this size of project with given deadlines. We consolidated and booked available elite subtitle translators exclusively to Fox and provide team members with necessary details upfront such as the workflow, style guide, quality processes and other administrative details.

Mr. Kerem Keskiner and Mrs. Damla Akbay in QA team played a key role in final success, who closely monitored the quality and provided feedback to each talent for each episode. 



Our customer is very satisfied with our performance. Our team’s weekly capacity has increased along with raising requests of this customer.

Because of our NDA restrictions, we are not allowed to share the names of TV serials, movies, or documentaries herein.