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Established team management and Know-How: Alafranga Language Solutions was incorporated in 2002, and our founding team is still actively involved.


We have invested significant time and money into our subtitle team, allowing us to build a large, specialized group.


Our subtitle team operates on a win-win-win basis, with mutual trust ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

We have invested in our subtitle team in terms of time and money. Thus, our large team allows us specialization. 

Our subtitle team is managed on Win-Win-Win basis, and mutual trust helps everything to run smoothly. 


High quality is our signature: We distinguish ourselves with our quality standards. Quality management is a backbone of our success that starts from booking the right capacity in proportion to the work program and proceeds with monitoring the translation process in 3-steps and finishes high-quality localized subtitles on time. 


We consider teamwork essential to delivering high-quality subtitle and dubbing translation services at competitive prices. Our project manager will serve as your dedicated point of contact, overseeing the entire project from beginning to end.


Comparative cost advantage: Cost is not our number one priority, however we enjoy the advantage of being incorporated in Dubai 10 years ago and now present this as better rates to our customers.

 Life is so complex that each condition can not be covered in the procedures or agreements. We respect goodwill, mutual understanding and generally accepted business convensions in handling our projects to protect everybody’s rights. 


Certified Quality ISO17100:2015: Our service quality has been in compliance with ISO17100:2015.  


Membership: ALS is a language service provider that is an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) based in the UK and therefore a network member of EUATC.