We understand the dynamics of subtitle translation services very well

If you think that your productions should reach out to the local audiences in Turkey, via conventional or stream broadcasting, you may consider adding the human Turkish subtitling option.

Thanks to our established capacity, we offer cost-effective and high-quality video subtitle translations for your TV serials, movies, documentaries, trailers, YouTube videos, corporate videos as well as your digital games.

Teamwork is key for consistent performance

Our subtitle team can work in harmony on different platforms, for example on Ooona, and deliver perfectly localized Turkish subtitles considering the type of your production. In addition to Turkish, we also support main European languages, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Style Guide and Key Names Phrases

If you have subtitling guidelines, we fully comply with the instructions outlined in your guidelines. Otherwise, we use our industry-standard subtitling guidelines.  

Key platforms and subtitle translators  

Subtitle translators must be comfortable in understanding the content flowing in your videos to write the condensed language that will fit on the screens and in editing on key platforms according to style guides. 

Considering technical specifications of your subtitle translation requirements, our project managers are committed to identify, book and assign top-notch subtitle translators who will play a key role in achieving high standards of subtitle translations. 

Quality assurance for perfection

Our highly experienced editors enable us to perfectly implement a 3-steps workflow to ensure the best ready-for-broadcast quality. 

Capacity scalable according to volumes

We have a flexible capacity of 35+ specialized subtitle translators and top quality QA specialists & editors, who can produce 3000+ minutes per week for serials, movies, and documentaries.

Machine-generated subtitle translations, if it is really necessary 

It is also an option, but if you need premium quality subtitle translation, free of errors without awesome word-for-word translations, human subtitle translation or post-editing is a convenient solution. In general, the quality of post-editing is expected to be close to the quality of human translations.

For Disney+,  we translated thousands of minutes for TV serials, movies, documentaries, trailers and metadata.

For more information about our achievements and our team specialized in subtitle translations, contact us today!