Animations from Taiwan

Indirect client:
Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation

Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation, also called Public Television Service, is the first independent public broadcasting institution in Taiwan, which broadcasts the Public Television Service. 

Fox TPT's requirements

Turkish and Arabic subtitle translations of many animation films such as On Happiness Road, Monster Fruit Academy, City of Lost Things, Barkley the Cat, Gold Fish that require a translating strategy for successful cultural adaptation.


Our solution

We have assigned our master subtitle Turkish and Arabic translators. Cultural adaptation was key in these animations from Taiwan. The translators had to localize the messages accurately to the foreign audiences, but also maintain the wonderful exotic spirit of these moving stories. We consolidate team spirit by sharing questions and answers between Arabic and Turkish translators.

We kept in mind that verbatim translation could lead to problems as the English version was also translated version, and the translators be alerted with situation awareness.



Our customer is very satisfied with our performance in Turkish and Arabic. We are expecting more jobs. 

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