Translators management

 Teamwork by an elite team 

As a result of co-working in high-tempo projects, our project managers consider the different capacities of the individual translators according to their performance, experience, educational background, personal interests etc.


When we start any program of TV serials, movies and documentaries, we perfectly identify, book and assign the ideal translators according to the subject and genres of the episodes.


Our team demonstrates the required norms and standards such as win-win-win philosophy, experience, orientation, communication, performance, Kaizen and ethics. 


Turkish multimedia team

We have been collaborating with master translators of many decades who set the standards higher in our team. However, the backbone of our capacity depends on dedicated middle-aged translators specializing in subtitle translations. We have also young talents who have been verified by grandmasters.

Multilingual teams

In addition to our Turkish team, we also support major languages in media visual localization projects. We have extensive database and experience in handling multilanguage localization projects.

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