Subtitling services for movies

Its history is short, but movie art has progressed far beyond imagined, gaining importance in the last century as a means of modern storytelling. 

Cinema attendance records have been broken in Turkey says the European Audiovisual Observatory. Today, VOD Streaming revolutionized the distribution, opening the door of a new age. 

All films are not in some ways reflections of pop culture. Films may require some sort of background knowledge to understand either the film or its implications. We book and assign master translators for your movies.

Though subtitles have been standard practice in cinemas for the last 30 years, (except for the occasional musical on the state owned TRT channels broadcast 10-20 years ago) subtitles have been used in television with the advent of private satellite channels. The practice started approximately 15 years ago with CINE 5 (the first decoder channel) and continues today with CNBC-E (a popular private channel) and DIGITURK (a network of various channels). Other channels use dubbing. VCD’s are usually dubbed and DVD’s are subtitled.

Team power - specialized translators per genre

We have translated a huge number of films so far, including drama, action, comedy, romance, science fiction, horror, thriller, noir etc.

If you are searching for professional subtitle or dubbing translation services of your movies from a reliable team, our project manager will be your single point-of-contact, supervising all processes with the relevant team members from start to finish.


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