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SubtitleTranslation and Closed Captioning for your program

Storytelling has always held a significant place in human culture, and in the modern era, movies, TV series, and documentaries have emerged as popular mediums for storytelling.

However, condensing the essence of these audiovisual productions into just a few lines of 37-42 characters each requires a unique skill set, turning subtitling into an art form.

With the advent of Video-on-Demand (VoD) technologies, audiovisual content can now be distributed globally, reaching diverse audiences. If you aim to connect with local viewers, we highly recommend incorporating Turkish subtitling into your productions.


Whether it's TV series, movies, documentaries, trailers, commercials, news segments, YouTube videos, or digital games, we have you covered. Our focus lies in employing translation strategies that capture the nuances of language, including variations in registers, temporal aspects, and geographical influences, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the specific audiovisual medium at hand.


Optimize Your Subtitling Projects with a Team of True Language Masters

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced subtitle translators who are ready to handle projects of any size and complexity. Our translators are true experts in their field, possessing a deep understanding of the art and technicalities of subtitling.

Our services offer a flexible team capacity that can adapt to the structure and demands of your program. We understand the importance of assigning the right subtitle experts to your project. Our dedicated team members are experienced professionals who possess the necessary skills and expertise to handle your subtitling needs effectively.


Different enough to be foreign, but similar enough to be able to retain the viewers’ attention. 

Subtitling is essentially the art of streamlining information by removing irrelevant details and expressing the essential content in a concise format. Achieving this condensed form, typically within two lines, requires skillful navigation to ensure minimal loss of meaning. While quantitative reduction doesn't always mean simplification, careful selection of appropriate vocabulary is crucial.


The challenge of linguistic diversity poses a significant hurdle in subtitling. Language and culture are deeply intertwined, and complete texts are culturally embedded, relying on shared references within the source community. Overcoming this obstacle requires an understanding of the cultural context and the ability to convey the intended message while bridging the linguistic gap.

Case studies

For Disney+, we translated thousands of minutes for TV serials, movies, documentaries, trailers and metadata.

Although Fox's program was big and deadlines were tight, we succeeded in meeting deadlines without delays.

Partner with us for your Turkish subtitling needs, and let our skilled professionals help you create engaging and immersive experiences for your target viewers.