Past, present and future

Subtitling and/or captioning started with the silent movies; then there were perforated films with open captioning…

We have seen a giant digital revolution within a lifetime. Fast forwarding to the computer age and everything got practical with an enormous speed. Hard disks, external hard disks, then clouds; ability to work online. We’ve been there, done that.

And dubbing? It started with perforated film rolls with a sound channel, then there was U-matic. Fast development as always. Betacams with 2 sound channels, then we saw 16, 32 channels, surrounds. Now? Broadband connections with crazy speeds and instead of sending tapes with transportation companies, we have everything we need in matter of minutes, if not seconds. Our studios have latest technologies with educated and experienced operatives.

Today, we are well versed with all the industry standards of past, present, and we are ready for the future ones. SRT, DFXP, and other formats, their conversions, online platforms, clouds. We got them covered.

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